Capsule Endoscopy Patient Information Sheet


** Do not eat or drink anything for the first 2 hours after ingesting the capsule.

**Two hours after taking the capsule, you may have clear liquids (Water, chicken broth, clear sodas like 7UP or Sprite, and apple juice).

**Four hours after taking the capsule, you may have a light snack and resume medications that were held for the test. Example: scrambled eggs, toast, chicken noodle soup with crackers.

**Do not eat or drink anything that is red or purple or tomato-based soups today.

**Do not smoke today

**Avoid MRI, metal detectors, or magnet contact while wearing the recording device.

**You may loosen the belt if needed to go to the bathroom.

**Contact our office immediately; if you experience abdominal pain or nausea/vomiting after ingesting the capsule.

*Do not get the unit wet. Do not shower or bathe while the test is in progress.

**Return to our office when the blinking light on the recorder changes from blue to red for removal of the recording device.

**You may resume your regular diet and activities after the recording device has been removed.

Post Capsule Endoscopy Patient Instructions

You have just had a capsule endoscopy. This sheet contains information about what to expect over the next two days. Please call our office if you have severe or persistent abdominal pain, fever, difficulty swallowing, or if you have any questions.

Pain: Pain is uncommon following capsule endoscopy.·Should you feel sharp or persistent pain, please call our office.

Nausea: Nausea is also very uncommon, and should it occur, please call our office.

Diet: You may eat and drink. There are no dietary restrictions.

Activities: Following the test, you may resume normal activities, including exercise.

Medications: You may resume all medications immediately. Do not make up for doses you have missed; just begin your normal dosage.

Further Testing: Until the capsule passes, further testing which includes any type of .MRI should be avoided. If you have an MRI examination scheduled in the next 3 days, the MRl examination should be postponed.

The Capsule: The capsule passes naturally in a bowel movement, typically in about 24 hours: Most likely, you will be unaware of its passage. It does not need to be retrieved and can safely be flushed down the toilet. Occasionally, the capsule light will still be flashing when it passes. Should you be concerned that the, the capsule did not pass, in the absence of symptoms, an abdominal x-ray can be obtained after 3 days to confirm its passage.